Precise injection of plastics

The plastics pressing room operates in a continuous production process 24 hours a day. We process all construction plastics except PVC.

Currently, our pressing room is equipped with 14 ENGEL pillarless presses for injection of plastics, up to the maximum bending force of 500 tons, with the maximum molding weight of 1.5 kilogram, one of them being a two-component press:

Type of press Bending force Max. molding weight Year of construction Comment
ENGEL VC 3550/500  500 t 1,500 g 2014 with robot, ECODRIVE
ENGEL VC 1800/400 Power 400 t 1,000 g 2005 with robot
ENGEL ES 750H/500L/300HL  300 t C1- 390 g
C2- 310 g

with robot, two-component, lateral arrangement into the shape of L, turntable

ENGEL VC 1350/260 Power 260 t 600 g 2008

with robot, for optical components

ENGEL VC 750/220 Tech 220 t 300 g 2015 with robot
ENGEL VC 1050/220 220 t 595 g 2004 with robot
ENGEL VC 500/120 Power 120 t 450 g 2006 with robot
ENGEL VC 500/120 120 t 450 g 2013 with robot, ECODRIVE
ENGEL ES 500/90 HL 110 t 300 g 1997

supplemented with robot

ENGEL VC 200/80 Tech 80 t 130 g 2010

with robot, for optical components; cylinder for others

ENGEL ES 200/60 60 t 100 g 1994  
ENGEL ES 200/50 50 t 80 g 1998  
ENGEL ES 80/35 HLST 40 t 40 g 1992  
ENGEL EVC 80/28 28 t 25 g 2008

electric injection, for high precision small components

The ECODRIVE hydraulic actuator is worth mentioning, as it greatly saves electrical power. We have this actuator in our two presses.

In addition to the aforementioned robots, all presses are equipped with the following peripherals:

  • integrated hot influx controllers
  • conveyor belts
  • molecular drying of the material including continuous filling
  • tempering units for mold heating/cooling

Installation and expedition

Moldings for the automotive industry must meet highly demanding visual requirements, that is why we test them and finalize them 100% on our site. Some moldings are intended for further, final assemblywith high value added, delivered directly to Škoda Auto, Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT.

These components are assembled from moldings, purchased metal, textile, and rubber parts, double-sided adhesive tapes, and thelike. The dedicated assembly jigs, machinery, andequipment are almost entirely developed, constructed and manufactured by our company.



ENGEL ES 750H-500L-300HL


ENGEL VC 500-120

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